ReFeel is a provider of energy services, able to propose innovative solutions for the energy efficiency, both domestically and internationally

ReFeel BU is focused on energy management and efficiency solutions, whose efforts are aimed at reducing clients energy bills

Smart Approach is the integrated process performed by ReFeel, which includes data gathering, reporting, (Smart Metering & Reporting), analysis  (Energy Management). Its aim is at creating value for the clients through the generation of a superior level of understanding of consumption patterns and ways to reduce them.

ReFeel targets are represented by manufacturing companies and advanced service firms, whose market segments are strategic in order to achieve targets set by the European Union in terms of reduction of energy consumption. The targets are mostly clustered based on the average annual electric consumption.

  • Medium 2.500 MWh / year: SMEs, large points-of-sale, medium service companies, multiplexes, hospitals
  • Large 10.000 MWh / year: SMEs, large points-of-sale, large service companies
  • Extra Large 100.000 MWh /year: Large manufacturing,  large infrastructures

ReFeel can differentiate thanks to:

  • Strong know-how on a different set of industry consumption patterns
  • Portfolio of case studies performed on a set of different clients
  • Deep understanding of the key technologies related to plants, air handling units and lightning
  • Sensitivity to singularities, ability to capture details that are different from client to client, from plant to plant and build customized solutions on those details
  • Know-how of the best practices