We ReFeel
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Why ReFeel?

We dream of a world where sustainable energy is accessible to everyone, where businesses and communities can self-generate or have efficient and affordable access to clean energy.

Our goal by 2030

Total installed capacity


In ReFeel, we create renewable energy solutions for a more sustainable future. We develop and invest in large-scale photovoltaic plants that power the electrical grid and construct facilities for energy self-generation, helping businesses and communities all over the world become more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Utility Scale

With 15 years of international experience in the development and management of Utility Scale photovoltaic systems, the company now oversees the development of a portfolio of PV projects with a peak power of 1 GWp and electrical storage projects with a peak power of 1 GWp.

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Distributed Generation

With 10 years of international experience as an EPC contractor, ReFeel manages all stages of the construction of PV plants, providing customized solutions for various sizes and customer needs.

Grow with us:
be a ReFeeler!

The support of each stakeholder group (we like to call them "ReFeelers") is crucial for the realization of ReFeel's mission to promote renewable energy solutions.
Let's ReFeel the world together: play your role for a more sustainable future!


People, businesses or communities that purchase renewable energy or utilize ReFeel's services.

By adopting our renewable energy solution, you can support the company's sustainability mission and contribute to reducing environmental impact.

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All members of the ReFeel team working to achieve the company's mission.

Employees help develop, manage, and optimize renewable energy facilities with dedication, experience, and skills. Teamwork is essential to achieving sustainability goals.

Work with us


Companies and organizations with whom ReFeel collaborates to obtain materials, services, or technical support.

A well planned and reliable supply is essential to ensure that renewable energy is produced and delivered efficiently.

Let's grow together


The subjects who benefit from ReFeel's clean energy facilities, or that work for the protection and the promotion of sustainability.

By listening to their needs, ReFeel can design projects that are more suitable for the local context, and gain support in promoting sustainable practices and knowledge sharing.

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Local and national authorities, as well as governmental and regulatory institutions that influence ReFeel's operational environment.

Collaboration with regulatory authorities can streamline the bureaucratic process and accelerate the implementation of facilities.

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Those who own the lands where utility-scale facilities are developed and who can provide space, financial participation, or lease agreements.

Landowners might be involved in the agricultural management or oversight of plant activities, especially in presence of agrovoltaic systems.

Turn your land into an income