At ReFeel, the corporate mission we have is our unique pride. Our roots are based on a set of fundamental values that guide us in everything we do: these values define our culture, shape our decisions, and push us to constantly improve.

At ReFeel, these values are not just words on a page; they are the guiding principles that shape our culture, define our identity, and steer us towards continued success. We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our journey, and join us in upholding these values as we shape a brighter tomorrow together.

The three "P"s

Our values in detail


Being punctual in the workplace entails adhering to schedules, deadlines, and established timelines. Punctuality demonstrates reliability, responsibility, and respect towards colleagues, clients, and any other parties, thereby contributing to an environment of efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.


In the business context, being responsible means taking ownership of one's duties and tasks, managing resources and decisions in an ethical and professional manner. This involves adhering to company policies, working efficiently, collaborating with colleagues, and proactively solving issues, ensuring quality outcomes and the well-being of the team.

Open Communication

Open communication in the company refers to a transparent, honest, and accessible approach to sharing information, ideas, and feedback among team members. It fosters a collaborative work environment, enhances mutual understanding, and contributes to the growth and efficiency of the organization.


Entrepreneurship within a company refers to the ability to think and act like an entrepreneur within an organization, identifying opportunities, innovating, and taking calculated risks to create value and enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of the company.


Ambition in the workplace refers to the desire to achieve ambitious goals and continuously improve performance, both on an individual and collective level. Ambition helps drive the growth and success of the company, motivating team members to push beyond limits and embrace new challenges.